We are a  family owned Hungarian company called Sugallatok that means “inspiration by feelings” in our language.
We started our business in 2016 as a sole trader retailer company. That time most of the Polish brands were unknown in the Hungarian and surrounding creative markets. We personally deeply believed in each of them and we put a lot of effort to create brand awarness and to build a really enthuastic customer group around them in our country. Thanks to our dedicaton and innovative approach Sugallatok became one of the fastest-growing retail company specialized for scrapbooking materials, at the same time we kept our close relation and quick response time to our customers. We are still acting as a retailer of the biggest mixed media and scrapbooking brands, but we expanded our activity beyond the small family business.

We are in close connection to the brands we represent and with our customers also. It is more than a business relation, we are friends, scrapmates and sometimes soulmates. We believe that human relationships are extremely important in our digital, impersonal and business focused world.   

Our mission is to introduce and spread the brands we believe in and create a better creative life for many people who meet with these wonderful products.

Our advantages: 

  • We are here to help you. 
  • We have fast reaction time. 
  • We believe in honesty and transparent communication.
  • We are enthusiastic about the products and the market. 
  • We are crafters, not only business men.
  • We know the needs of your customers. 
  • We have a design team with 8 internationally well-known crafters, we can support your sales activities with their inspirations for the products.

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